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Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Alaska?

Yes. In 1998, Alaska voters approved Measure 8, also called the Alaska Medical Marijuana Initiative, to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Measure 8 permitted patients with medical marijuana recommendations from qualified healthcare practitioners to possess and use up to 1 ounce of cannabis. Although the state does not have an official medical marijuana program like other states in the United States, medical marijuana patients are still required to apply to be added to the Medical Marijuana Registry. The Bureau of Vital Statistics oversees the state's medical marijuana registry under the Department of Health and Social Services. In Alaska, medical marijuana can be purchased as vape oils, tinctures, whole flowers, concentrates, capsules, tablets, and edibles.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Alaska in 2024


Schedule an Appointment with a Qualified Healthcare Practitioner: Telemedicine appointments are accepted for remote consultations


Obtain a Physician's Certification at the Appointment: The doctor evaluates your condition and medical records to determine eligibility. If eligible under Alaska's medical marijuana program, you receive a written certification


Submit Application: Send the completed application and required items to the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics, Marijuana Registry, P.O. Box 110699, Juneau, AK 99811-0699

Qualifying Conditions for Medical Card in Alaska

Alaskans suffering from one or more eligible health conditions can legally obtain and use medical marijuana after getting medical marijuana recommendations from qualified physicians. Eligible health conditions for which healthcare providers may recommend medical marijuana in 2024 in Alaska include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Cancer
  • Positive status for HIV
  • AIDS
  • Cachexia
  • Severe pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Persistent muscle spasms
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Any other medical conditions or treatment for such conditions approved by the Department of Health and Social Services

Note that out-of-state medical marijuana patients are not allowed to purchase medical marijuana in Alaska.

Can I Apply For A Medical Marijuana Card In Alaska Online?

You can obtain an authorization statement from an Alaskan healthcare practitioner via telemedicine, permitting you to use medical marijuana in the state. This statement, which may also be obtained in an in-person visit to the physician, is one of the requirements for participating in the Alaska medical marijuana program and obtaining an Alaska medical marijuana card. Note that only medical marijuana recommendations may be obtained online in Alaska; applications for a medical marijuana card must be submitted by mail.

How Do I Register With the Alaska Medical Marijuana Program?

To register with the Alaska medical marijuana program, you must be a resident of the state and have a qualifying condition. Some eligible conditions include cancer, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, severe pain, and persistent muscle spasms. You must obtain a statement signed by your physician stating that you may benefit from medical marijuana use.

If you are a minor, your parent or guardian may register as your caregiver after receiving approval from the Division of Public Health Analytics and Vital Records. Afterward, submit an application and pay the required fee to be included in the Alaska medical marijuana registry. You will be issued a mandatory medical marijuana card to certify your inclusion in the Alaska medical marijuana program.

Do I Need To Be An Alaska Resident To Get A Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes. Only Alaska residents can obtain registry ID cards under the state's medical marijuana program.

What Is The Cost Of An Alaska Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card in Alaska costs $25. This medical marijuana card fee may be paid using a check or money order made out to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. The medical marijuana card fee is nonrefundable. It costs $20 to renew an Alaska medical marijuana card. Note that you will pay a consultation fee at your appointment with the healthcare practitioner. Typically, the consultation fee ranges between $100 and $250.

What Do You Need When Visiting A Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Alaska?

You must visit a marijuana dispensary in Alaska with your medical marijuana card and a valid identification card to purchase medical marijuana.

Who Can Prescribe Medical Marijuana In Alaska?

Alaska requires that applicants seeking medical marijuana cards consult with doctors before submitting applications for inclusion in the Alaska medical marijuana registry. During your visit to the healthcare practitioner, it is recommended that you take your medical records along. The healthcare practitioner will ask several questions and assess whether you suffer from any approved debilitating conditions. On determining that you qualify, the healthcare practitioner will issue you an attestation stating that:

  • The medical assessment occurred in the context of a bona fide physician-patient relationship and include the medical assessment date
  • You have been diagnosed and verified to suffer from a debilitating medical condition
  • The physician has considered other available medications and treatments that may provide relief but has concluded that you will benefit from the medical use of marijuana

Alaska does not currently maintain a publicly available database for healthcare practitioners licensed to issue medical marijuana certifications. Any healthcare practitioner in good standing and licensed to practice medicine in the state may issue medical marijuana certification.

Can A Minor Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Alaska?

Minors in Alaska can legally use medical marijuana through the assistance of designated caregivers who are approved to obtain and administer medical marijuana on their behalf. Before designating a caregiver, a minor must obtain a medical marijuana attestation from a qualified healthcare practitioner in the state. Besides the physician's statement approving medical marijuana use, a minor must also submit a statement by the caregiver declaring the caregiver's awareness of the potential risks and benefits of medical marijuana and consent to serve as the minor's primary caregiver.

Can You Get A Medical Marijuana Card At 18 In Alaska?

Yes. Alaska regards 18-year-old residents as adults. In the state’s medical marijuana program, only qualifying patients under the age of 18 are classified as minors. When they turn 18, they can renew their medical marijuana cards as adults.

How To Renew Your Alaska Medical Marijuana Card

The Alaska medical marijuana card is valid for 12 months. It is advised that you renew the card prior to expiration. The renewal process closely mirrors the initial application process. However, the renewal fee is $20 instead of the initial application fee of $25.

Can You Grow Medical Marijuana In Alaska?

You may grow a maximum of six marijuana plants at home, of which no more than three may be mature at any one time, provided you are 21 or older. If two or more adults reside in a household, no more than 12 cannabis plants may be cultivated, of which only 6 may be mature at any one time. Growing marijuana is only permitted if you cultivate the plants for personal medical use. Alaskans are prohibited from growing marijuana at home with the intention of selling the cultivated plants. All grown plants are required to be hidden from the public and must be inaccessible to minors. Appropriate measures must also be taken to mitigate the odor emanating from the cultivation space. Caregivers are also limited to cultivating the same maximum cannabis plants as qualified patients.

Alaska requires that marijuana be grown only on personal properties. If you live in a rented unit, you must obtain permission from your property manager or landlord before commencing grow operations.

Alaska: Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card In a Recreational Marijuana-Legal State

An Alaska medical marijuana card is legal protection under the law for possessing up to 1 ounce of cannabis and exempts the cardholder from potential tax on cannabis sales. Although Alaska does not impose sales tax, it allows its municipalities to impose local sales taxes. For example, adults buying recreational cannabis in Anchorage, Ketchikan, and Fairbanks will pay a 5% excise tax, while weed buyers in Juneau will pay a 3% excise tax on purchases.

Does Alaska Allow Medical Marijuana Patients To Designate Caregivers?

Yes. The Alaska Medical Marijuana Act allows patients with eligible health conditions who are not yet 18 to designate adult caregivers to obtain and administer medical marijuana for them. Caregivers are required to be:

  • Permanent Alaska residents
  • At least 21 or older
  • Listed by the patient as a primary or alternate caregiver
  • Free of felony convictions related to controlled substances
  • Approved under the Alaska medical marijuana program as a caregiver. They must have their names included on their patients' applications to the state's medical marijuana program

Alaska Medical Marijuana Reciprocity

The State of Alaska does not allow medical marijuana reciprocity. Hence, patients from other states cannot use medical marijuana cards issued in their home states to purchase marijuana at Alaska dispensaries.

Are My Medical Marijuana Records Private?

Medical marijuana records contained in the Alaska medical marijuana registry are confidential and are not public records under AS 09.25.100 - 09.25.220. Access to the registry is limited to authorized employees of the department in the course of their official duties and to peace officers and authorized employees of law enforcement agencies of the state or an Alaska municipality in the course of a criminal investigation or prosecution or verifying that an individual is registered with the DHSS. Note that employers in Alaska are not permitted to penalize applicants with medical marijuana cards. Although having an Alaska medical marijuana card will not affect your chances of getting a job, employers are allowed to implement workplace drug policies.

Does Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana In Alaska?

No. Medical marijuana costs in the state are not covered by insurance.

What Is The Medical Card Limit In Alaska?

The Alaska medical marijuana card, valid for one year from the issuance date, allows the individuals named on it to purchase up to 1 ounce of non-concentrated marijuana, 7 grams of marijuana concentrates for inhalation, and 5,600 milligrams of THC in total sales of marijuana and marijuana products.

Can You Go To A Dispensary Without A Medical Card In Alaska?

Yes. With recreational cannabis legal in Alaska, you can visit adult-use cannabis dispensaries with a valid ID to prove you are 21 or older to purchase weed. Medical marijuana cards are only required if you want to buy medical marijuana.

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