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How Much Does the Alaska Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Alaska Department of Health is responsible for overseeing the state’s medical marijuana program. When registering in the Alaska medical marijuana registry, the state requires a patient to submit a physician’s certification in their medical marijuana application packet. This certification is a signed statement form confirming they are eligible for medical cannabis use. In addition to medical marijuana patients, Alaska also issues medical cannabis cards to caregivers.

Cost of Physician Consultation

A patient intending to join Alaska’s medical marijuana registry must set up an appointment with their physician. They can visit their doctor’s office or arrange for a remote consultation via telemedicine tools. What a patient pays for a remote or in-office consultation varies from practice to practice. However, they can expect to pay $100 - $250 for the consultation required to obtain a signed medical marijuana certification.

Alaska Medical Cannabis Card Fee

The Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics gives each patient or caregiver an identification card when they join the state’s medical marijuana registry. The Bureau charges a $25 application fee for each registration.

Cost of Alaska Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

The cost of renewing a patient or caregiver registration in the Alaska medical marijuana registry is $20. This is for a renewal initiated before a patient’s current registry identification card has expired. With an expired card, the patient would pay the $25 for a new application and get a new card.

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