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Are there Marijuana Dispensaries in Anchorage?

Yes. According to Measure 2, passed in 2014, which legalized adult-use marijuana in Alaska, medical marijuana dispensaries are permitted in all Alaska jurisdictions, including Anchorage.

Are there Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Anchorage?

Yes. You can find dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Anchorage. Most dispensaries selling adult-use cannabis in the city also sell medical cannabis. Medical marijuana is legal in Anchorage and other Alaska jurisdictions under Measure 8. Measure 8 permits the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries in Alaska.

Can You Buy Cannabis from Online Weed Dispensaries in Anchorage?

Current cannabis law in Alaska bans the delivery of recreational cannabis in its jurisdictions. Hence, cannabis buyers who order cannabis online in the city can pick up their orders at the stores or curbside.

Visiting a Dispensary in Anchorage

The first step in visiting a weed dispensary in Anchorage is to find the physical location of an approved cannabis dispensing facility in the city. To find one, put the search term "cannabis dispensaries near me" in an online engine. You should also familiarize yourself with Anchorage marijuana and marijuana dispensary laws and regulations before visiting a dispensary in the city.

One way to have an enjoyable experience at the dispensary is to know what products to buy. After all, every cannabis strain is unique, and multiple cannabis product options are available to buyers. However, most Anchorage dispensaries have budtenders or patient care professionals who are experienced and can differentiate between the nuances of each strain and help you make good choices in your purchases.

Remember to take an identification demonstrating that you are at least 21 years old when you visit a dispensary. Cannabis sales to persons under 21 are illegal. If you are under 21 and intend to purchase medical marijuana in the city, you must have your designated caregiver obtain the medical cannabis products at the dispensary on your behalf.

In addition, ensure you take cash with you when visiting an Anchorage dispensary. Most of the dispensing businesses in the city accept only cash. Since federal laws continue to prohibit marijuana use, most of the nation's top banks do not accept deposits from marijuana transactions, forcing marijuana retailers to do business in cash.

Note that you may experience a queue at the dispensary owing to the number of potential buyers and the need to scan customers’ IDs. You can also not purchase cannabis beyond the approved limits under Alaska law.

Anchorage Dispensary Laws

Marijuana dispensaries are legal in Anchorage. However, they can only sell to Anchorage or Alaska residents aged 21 or older. Dispensaries must verify the IDs and medical marijuana cards, where applicable, to ensure that only persons of legal age and identity purchase cannabis within their facilities. They cannot also sell more cannabis than is permitted under law to buyers. Delivery of cannabis to the homes of buyers is illegal. Cannabis dispensaries in Anchorage must be at least 500 feet away from a recreation or youth center, correctional facility, religious institution, or school.

Recreational Laws in Anchorage

Alaska's Measure 2, which went into effect in 2015, made adult-use cannabis legal in Anchorage and other Alaska locations. The Measure permitted the production, sale, and regulation of recreational cannabis statewide. Cannabis consumption may occur on licensed on-site consumption premises per Section 10.80.306 of the Anchorage Municipal Code.

Measure 2 legalizes marijuana use for recreational purposes for persons aged 21 or older. Consumption may occur in private but is prohibited in public areas. No cannabis consumption may occur on federally owned lands or in motor vehicles. Driving while under the influence of cannabis is not allowed in the city, and the unlicensed sale of cannabis is an offense. Carrying cannabis in a vehicle is permitted but must remain in a sealed container in the vehicle's trunk. The home cultivation of cannabis is allowed, provided no more than six cannabis plants are grown and no more than three plants are mature. Alaska's Measure 2 does not prevent Anchorage landlords from prohibiting and regulating marijuana use on their properties, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

Medical Cannabis Laws in Anchorage

Medical marijuana is legal in Anchorage and has been since 1998 when Alaska voters approved the Medical Marijuana Initiative. Under the Alaska Medical Marijuana Initiative, Anchorage residents under 21 can use marijuana for medical purposes if diagnosed with certain debilitating medical conditions and have obtained medical cannabis recommendations from licensed healthcare providers in the state. Anchorage residents under 21 who wish to access medical marijuana must get parental or legal guardian consent to enroll in the Alaska Medical Marijuana Registry.

Anchorage patients younger than 21 who want to buy medical marijuana are permitted to assign caregivers. Caregivers may then purchase cannabis on behalf of their patients. The home delivery of medical cannabis is illegal, and consumption of medical cannabis on the dispensary site or in public areas is prohibited.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Anchorage

In order to obtain a medical marijuana card in Anchorage, you must be a resident of the city or another Alaska jurisdiction and have a recommendation from an approved healthcare provider for using medical cannabis to treat a qualifying condition. The certification must be issued by a physician licensed to practice osteopathy or medicine in Alaska. Such a physician must also belong to the Alaska State Medical Board and the Alaska Podiatric Medical Association charter of the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association). The approved conditions for which a medical marijuana card may be authorized include cancer, HIV/AIDS, glaucoma, severe nausea, multiple sclerosis, persistent muscle spasms, cachexia, seizures, and severe or chronic pain.

Upon confirming your eligibility for a medical marijuana card in Anchorage, you may download and complete the medical marijuana card application form from the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics website. The application must include a photocopy of your valid Alaska driver's license or other valid government-issued identity card. If you are a minor, your caregiver must submit a caregiver application for medical marijuana. Additionally, the caregiver's valid ID card must accompany the application. A return receipt service may be used to confirm that the Department received the application and payments.

Other required items for a complete application include:

  • The original signed physician's statement attesting that you have been diagnosed with a qualifying debilitating condition. The statement must conclude that the physician believes that you will benefit from medical marijuana use

  • A $25 application fee. You may make the payment using a check or money order made payable to the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics

Mail completed application, application fee, and other required documentation to:

Health Analytics and Vital Records

Medical Marijuana Registry

P.O. Box 110699

Juneau, AK 99811-0699

It may take up to 35 days for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services to review your application. Upon approval of your application, your medical marijuana card will arrive in the mail. Call the Alaska medical marijuana registration unit at (907) 465-5423 for additional information on obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Where is it Legal to Consume Cannabis in Anchorage?

Consuming cannabis at home or on other private property in Anchorage is legal. You may also consume cannabis in licensed on-site consumption areas. If you live in a multi-unit apartment, you cannot use marijuana on such a property. Consuming cannabis in your vehicle is illegal.

How to Buy Cannabis at an Anchorage Dispensary

You may purchase weed at an Anchorage dispensary by visiting the address of a local marijuana dispensary. You will need a government-issued ID at the dispensary to prove you are 21 or older to purchase recreational marijuana. To buy medical marijuana, you must present your State of Alaska-issued medical marijuana identification card.

The Average Price in Anchorage

The cost of an ounce of high-quality cannabis in Anchorage is about $150.

Most Popular Strains in Anchorage

Some popular cannabis strains in Anchorage are:

  • White Widow

  • Alpen Glow

  • Honey Banana

  • Vanilla Gorilla

  • Purple Aurora

  • Manitoba Poison

  • Alaskan Ice

  • Northern Lights

Can You Smoke in Public in Anchorage?

No. Public use of marijuana is illegal under Alaska law. Section 8.35.300 of the Anchorage Municipal Code also bans the consumption of marijuana in public places. The city defines a public place as an area that the public or a substantial group of persons can access. These places include sidewalks, alleys, streets, highways, parking areas, sports arenas, schools, convention centers, malls, amusement parks, lobbies, shopping centers, playgrounds, and prisons.

How Much Marijuana Can You Possess at Once in Anchorage?

Measure 2 permits Anchorage adults of legal age (21) to possess up to 28.5 grams or one ounce of cannabis, 7 grams of cannabis concentrate, or a total cannabis containing no more than 5.6 grams of THC. Anchorage adults aged 21 or older can also grow up to six cannabis plants, provided no more than three plants are at the flowering stage at any time. Adult residents consuming cannabis on licensed consumption sites are limited to buying up to 1 gram of cannabis with a limit of 10 milligrams of Delta-9 THC per transaction.

Can I Ship Cannabis in Anchorage?

No. Shipping cannabis into Anchorage from another state is illegal under federal law, as the United States Controlled Substance Act lists marijuana as a banned substance.

Can I Order Cannabis Online in Anchorage?

Yes. You can order cannabis online from some Anchorage marijuana dispensaries. However, you may only take delivery of such orders curbside or in-store.

Are there 24-hour Dispensaries in Anchorage?

Although the Anchorage Municipal Code contains no restrictions on the operating hours of cannabis dispensaries in the city, state law permits cannabis dispensaries to operate between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Can Tourists Use Dispensaries in Anchorage?

Yes. If you are a tourist in Anchorage, you can buy marijuana at any of the city's marijuana dispensing facilities if you have a valid government-issued ID showing you are 21 or older. However, you cannot purchase medical marijuana at an Anchorage dispensary, as Alaska only permits residents to buy medical cannabis.

Do You Need ID for Dispensary in Anchorage?

In Anchorage, residents and visitors may purchase adult-use marijuana without medical marijuana licenses. To buy recreational marijuana from cannabis dispensaries in the city, you need only provide an ID as proof you are 21 or older. However, if you are a medical marijuana patient, your medical marijuana card will be required before purchasing medical marijuana.

Best Dispensaries in Anchorage

Some of the best dispensaries in Anchorage include:

  • Cannabbaska

  • Raspberry Roots

  • Enlighten Alaska

  • Dankorage

  • Great Northern Cannabis

  • Denali Dispensaries

Do Dispensaries Scan your ID in Anchorage?

Yes. According to its municipal code, Anchorage requires marijuana dispensaries to scan their customers' IDs to verify their identities.

How Many Dispensaries are in Anchorage?

There are no official sources on the number of cannabis dispensaries in Anchorage.

Can Dispensaries in Anchorage Take Credit Cards?

Anchorage cannabis dispensaries usually accept cash and not credit cards. If you do not have cash, you may use an ATM within the premises of a dispensary.

How Many Dispensaries Can You Visit in One Day?

You may visit multiple cannabis dispensaries in the City of Anchorage. However, you will not be able to buy more than the limits specified under the law.

Do Dispensaries in Anchorage Take Health Insurance?

No. Anchorage marijuana dispensaries do not accept health insurance. Since health insurance businesses operate in accordance with federal law, their policies do not cover marijuana purchases.

Do Dispensaries in Anchorage Track How Much Weed You Buy?

Yes. Under Section 10.80.330 and 10.80.540 of the Anchorage Municipal Code, cannabis dispensaries in the city are required to track how much weed customers purchase in their facilities.

Can You Enter a Dispensary in Anchorage at Age 18?

No. You must be aged 21 or older before you may be allowed to enter an Anchorage recreational dispensary.

Where Can I Find the Anchorage Cannabis Regulator’s Contact Information?

The Alaska AMCO (Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office) regulates marijuana operations in the City of Anchorage and the State of Alaska. You may find contact the Office at:

550 W 7th AVE

STE 1600

Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: (907) 269-0350

How Do I Report Illegal Cannabis Activities in Anchorage?

You may report illegal cannabis activities in Anchorage to the Anchorage Police Department or the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office by emailing